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This project was created to bring together all the charitable/antiputin resources in one place
Instructions on how to buy cryptocurrency for donations
One of the largest charitable foundations for aid to the Ukrainian military.
Come back alive
An organization designed to ensure the safety and security of
A unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Freedom of Russia
A separate special-purpose unit "Azov
Фонд Сергiя Притули
На средства с переводов, фонд закупает помощь для нужд украинских военных.
Help for War Victims
The Russian occupiers have deprived many Ukrainians of a roof over their heads, many have become disabled, and children have lost their parents. Each of us can help the victims of war, for this purpose we have collected for you links to charitable foundations.
A fund to help children who have experienced psychological trauma due to war.
Голоси дітей
Humanitarian aid to the civilian population
Гуманит. фонд Украины
Aid to refugees, funding for charities
UN Refugee Agency
The Military Time project was conceived to gather all charitable and informational resources in one place. The list is constantly being updated
List of relevant media
Here we have gathered all the news without censorship, only reasoned and responsible exchange of opinions, open and honest discussion of current issues. Most of the resources here have been recognized as foreign agents in Russia.
The Independent Libertarian Media! Your ally in the information war.
News and reports from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Asian countries
Real Time
News without censorship and responsible exchange of opinions, open discussion of problems.
Radio Liberty
Nothing superfluous, just the facts
Analysts, experts' opinions, photo/video reports - about how the region really lives.
An opposition politician and municipal deputy in Moscow. Maintains a YouTube channel
Ilya Yashin
A channel that tells the truth. Discussion of politics and news is not like it is on TV.
Navalny LIVE
Канал одного из лидеров российской оппозиции
Alexei Navalny
Politician, economist, public figure.
Vladimir Milov
A channel that tells the truth about Putin's war against Ukraine.
Popular Politics
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